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Professional Planning for Your Organization

Pat’s planning process inspires engagement before, during and after your meeting by…

  • …bringing individual minds together to build your next organization plan.
  • …facilitating your long range vision into one strategic operational plan.
  • …complimenting your strategic plan with SMART operational goals.
  • …completing your new plan with the 7 Rules of Engagement.

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“Thanks Pat, it was a great planning retreat. I have heard great feedback from a number of board members. Thank you for your efforts and assistance in making it a productive and thoughtful day.”
~ Chris Romer, President/CEO Vail Valley Partnership – Vail, Colorado.

Pat has served over 400 businesses and organizations since 2000.

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Regional Industry Associations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Private and Public Schools
  • Government Agencies
  • Police Departments, Fire Departments
  • Automobile, Marine and Equipment Dealers
  • Realtors, Builders and Contractors
  • National Industry Associations
  • Newspapers and Broadcasters
  • Amusement & Theme Parks
  • Hospitality & Tourism Industry

“How you brought us all together with a new vision statement, mission statement and strategic plan was amazing. Thank you!”
~ Craig Barringer, Superintendent – Libby, MT Public School Dist. #4

Supporting Services

  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Board Development & Training
  • Team Development & Training

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Sales Training and Development

  • Membership and Sponsorship Sales Training (NPO’s)
  • Product and Service Sales Training (Business)
  • Facilitated Sales Team Planning (All)

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“Thank you so much for everything. My expectations were far exceeded. All of our wheels are now fully aligned and we’re ready to move forward. Thank you!”
~ Angie Anderson, President/CEO Glenwood Springs Chamber & Resort Association

About Patrick H. McGaughey

Patrick H. McGaughey, CPF, IOM is a national business consultant, certified professional facilitator and business speaker. Pat earned his business credentials in broadcasting and leading three Chambers of Commerce in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

During his Chamber of Commerce career, Pat developed the first “Tiered Dues” membership format which is now the standard in the industry. He is a graduate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization Management (IOM) and served as a regular faculty member for twenty years.

As a planning facilitator and consultant, Pat has served over 400 Chambers of Commerce, Industry Associations and NPO’s helping them build long-range strategic and operational plans. Included with his facilitation services, he provides informative training helping boards engage with a practical understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

As a consultant and speaker, Pat has successfully addressed hundreds of business audiences on topics of personal and professional performance, leadership, management, marketing and sales. He is one of the few speakers who guarantees client satisfaction with every speaking engagement and Pat continues to have a 100% client satisfaction record.

Why Pat?

Patrick McGaughey offers more than someone who can just facilitate a planning session, especially a Chamber of Commerce, an industry association or Non-Profit Organization planning session. In most cases, Pat is asked to be a Facili-Trainer making the planning retreat a learning event to help engage volunteers as well as facilitating the new plan.

Pat also utilizes his copyrighted Ex.L.A.R.G.E. Planning Analysis instead of the standard SWOT analysis. Where SWOT planning sessions end on ‘Threats,’ your planning session will end on Goals and the Execution of those goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost for your services?
Our clients tell us that the difference between the cost and the price of our services is dramatic. Our mission is “to create new income for our clients” and while we have different pricing for our different services, all are designed to be profitable for our clients so the ‘cost’ is always lower than the price. Our prices are not the highest or the lowest and we work with large and small budgets to be fair and profitable to all concerned.
How do the Funding Programs work?
As a national speaker, Patrick McGaughey offers public or private business workshops/seminars for his clients to market and sell. These registrations can significantly reduce the net cost of our service. The training topics include Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales and Employee Performance.
How can I get a No-Risk proposal?
Like you, we research companies we want to do business with only to be hounded with follow-up sales calls, emails and text messages. There is NO RISK of that happening with Pat. Expect no more than two unobtrusive emails regarding an update of your decision if you have not notified us. If there is no response after our second email we will determine there is no continued interest.

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What information do I need for a proposal?
For the most complete proposal, we ask prospective clients to answer as many questions as possible from about their meeting or event.

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Contact Patrick H. McGaughey

Call 1-800-545-3610 or email below.

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