Pat’s Programs

Business Leadership Symposium

4.0 to 6.5 hour Executive Leadership Program focusing on current trends and skills for successful leadership in today’s workplace.

-Interactive presentation:  The program is presented in three 2-hour segments focusing on the topics of:  1) Permission, 2) Persuasion and 3) Performance. An edited half-day 4.0 Hour session is also offered.

-Who should attend:  Business leaders, employers and managers who have direct influence on employee performance and seek to develop skills to lead by example are the target audience. Veteran and emerging business leaders both benefit in the learning format.

Symposium Highlights:

  • We all have authority to lead but do we have permission?
  • We are all leaders but are we persuasive?
  • High performance leaders create high performance teams; what does it really mean to be high performance and how do we sell it?
  • Imagine a room with veteran and upcoming serious business leaders in these discussions.
  • Attendance is limited to between 25 and 40 people so we will have a dynamic learning experience.
  • Many clients utilize the lunch hour to bring in one to three iconic local leaders to sit on a panel to discuss the three topics and have Patrick facilitate the give and take with this exclusive audience.

Symposiums are best described as “convivial gatherings of educated people.” This professionally facilitated symposium will present the topics and enable the input from the participants to expand the knowledge base and enhance the learning experience.

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State/Regional Conference Keynote
7 Reasons Why Organizations Should Avoid Advocacy

A 90-minute to 2.0 hour conference keynote presentation focusing on overcoming the problems facing advocacy, public affairs and/or government affairs programs in Chambers of Commerce.

-Conference Keynote format: This conference keynote is best presented from the floor of the auditorium to enhance audience interaction with the strategies and tactics being offered. It will be far more than a lecture as the topic demands audience interaction.

-Conference Marketing: This is an excellent opening keynote to attract registrants with its provocative title and it is equally strong for a closing keynote to keep registrants to the end of the conference.

-Who should attend: Executive officers, professional staff members and active volunteers Keynote Highlights: While our session title may sound provocative, the truth is many Chambers of Commerce don’t belong in the advocacy arena. Why? If you can’t do it right, don’t do it. This session will challenge every Chamber of Commerce attending to take a critical look at their Public/Government Affairs Committee in an all new light.

The “7 Reasons” focus on:

  • The Chamber Board
  • The Chamber Advocacy Committee
  • The Chamber Advocacy Strategic Plan
  • The Chamber Budget support
  • The Chamber Executive’s role
  • The Chamber Staff qualifications
  • The Chamber Membership support

This keynote comes down to building commitment for a strong advocacy.

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Keynote – The First Cause

40 minute Keynote for your general membership meeting designed to re-sell the members of the organization on the value and potential value of the local Chamber of Commerce.

  • Patrick will define the organization in provocative terms that surprise and educate your members.
  • Patrick will answer why it’s a good thing when people say, “The Chamber doesn’t do anything for me.” We will go far beyond networking as the key benefit of membership.


  • It’s a keynote address that tells our story in a way it can be remembered!

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Master Your Business Game

90 minute to 2 hour pre-tournament presentation by Patrick McGaughey (depending on tournament format) on how golf lessons improve your business game, and how business lessons improve your golf game.

– Strategic and Tactical Learning: Interactive presentation looking at business and golf from a strategic point of view, providing actionable lessons for a tactical training session.

– Who should attend?  Golfers in business and business professionals who play golf. The training metaphors create memorable lessons participants will actually implement.


  • All business is a practice and how we practice is how we golf.
  • The first strategy in business and in golf is vision.
  • For success in business and golf, talk a better game.
  • In golf it all begins with your grip and the same is true in business
  • The ethical swing is essential for consistency in both games
  • The middle irons; focus on successes, not failures
  • Plus many more great lessons to improve both games

18 golf lessons that improve your business game

18 business lessons that improve your golf game

Plus! Bonus Lessons on the Practice Tee and at The Turn

Turn golf tournaments into business seminars to attract more players!

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ExSELLence in the WORKplace

3-Hour employee training program with emphasis on re-selling the value of WORK to employees.

  • Interactive presentation. May be offered several times over a period of a week to accommodate all employees of a business to attend one session without affecting the day to day operation while attending.
  • Who should attend: all employees that are in contact with customers, sell products or service, or are representatives of your company.


  • The Customer comes last, if you want the customer to feel like #1
  • Purpose + Value = Performance! Give every employee a sense of purpose.
  • Embracing difficult people. There’s a good side to the worst part of our jobs.
  • Increase communication skills by 70% or more.

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Fish on! Marketing

2-Hour program focused on “Getting more customers hooked on your business!”

  • Interactive presentation. Addresses information for people selling and marketing products and services.
  • Who should attend: sales teams, independent sales people, and employees who work directly with customer offering services/products. This program offers techniques valuable to building relationships with customers.


  • Create interest in your message
  • Create a desire for more information
  • Get the customer’s permission to start selling
  • How to get big results with small budgets

Sold on Selling!

2-Hour program focused on selling. “If you’re in business, you’re in sales.”

  • Interactive presentation. Delivers information for people who are selling products and service as a part of their jobs including preparing for the sale and closing the sale.
  • Who should attend: sales teams, independent sales people, and employees having contact with customers interested in using or purchasing your products/service.


  • Knowledge: Learn this and you’ll know everything.
  • Attitude: The first lesson creates the second!
  • Objections: This doesn’t mean rejection
  • Transition: How to stop presenting and start asking for the sale!

157 RULES for Executive Success in Organization Management

2-Hour Program presenting “Rules to live and work by in non-profit management”

  • Fast paced program presenting Pat’s 157 rules for managing a non-profit organization, based on his experience of rebuilding three non-profit organizations and four private industry organizations.
  • Who should attend: Association professionals and managers, chamber executives and staff, not-for-profit directors, church team leaders, virtually anyone who works for or with a volunteer organization.
  • A premier reference guide for executive success when working with boards and volunteers.


  • Veteran executives will remember what they have forgotten and new executives will receive instant education that has taken others years to learn.
  • Rules for professional growth and rules to make your current organization more successful.
  • Rules to help board members and volunteers perform at a higher level.
  • Rules to create better budgets and increase income.
  • Rules to help executives say “no” and other rules that will help executives say “yes.”
  • Plus! Volunteers and board members that attend learn even more about non-profit organizations and how they can support their staff members at an even higher level!

157 RULES for Executive Success in Organization Management is available as a
studio recorded audio CD and eBook.