ExSELLence in the WORKplace

ExSELLence in the WORKplace
Training program for Owners, Managers and Employees
Presenter: Patrick H. McGaughey CPF, IOM

Exsellence in the Workplace is an employee performance training program to affirm the best skills in professional performance at all levels and inspire those that need a boost in attitude and engagement. The key to this eBook will be how Pat focuses on you and how he connects with you, just like he does in his live workshops.

ExSELLence in the WORKplace is an eBook designed for managers, supervisors and employees in nearly every working environment.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 Judging other people
  • Chapter 2 Setting yourself up to succeed
  • Chapter 3 Have you ever had a bad day?
  • Chapter 4 The customer comes last?
  • Chapter 5 Understanding communication
  • Chapter 6 Basics of communication
  • Chapter 7 Putting the basics to work
  • Chapter 8 Understanding difficult people
  • Chapter 9 The simple physics of performance
  • Chapter 10 Five appearances in the workplace
  • Chapter 11 Do you have any control?
  • Chapter 12 Laugh & learn Time
  • Chapter 13 Three surprises in our work life
  • Chapter 14 Personal standards and guidelines

Program Highlights:

  • Keys to motivating yourself and your team mates
  • How to perform at a higher level consistently
  • The top 3 most effective communication skills
  • Communicating with social media (and communicating without them)
  • Customer negotiations and handling ethical dilemmas
  • The five appearances in a professional workplace
  • Dealing with (and enjoying) difficult customers

Approximate reading time: 2 hours

ExSELLence in the WORKplace eBook:
$9.99 Digital PDF download

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