Celebrate the Gatekeepers

How important are “The Gatekeepers” to your career?

A great relationship with the gatekeepers of our most influential CEO’s is great for business and ultimately great for our careers. Let’s think about that.
The best gatekeepers are guards, protectors, monitors, time management experts, highly organized and always professional. Most business organizations have events for the CEO’s but what about the people that make CEO’s successful?
It would be a strong assumption that our best CEO members would jump at the chance to celebrate their assistant who is always helping and protecting them.
Should your organization put a focus on the Executive Assistant with a “Round-table” event for them?
I would visualize a premium registration with a premium agenda while building a premium relationship with people that are equally critical to you as they are to their CEO. If you know a great gatekeeper or two, take them to lunch and let them suggest what should or could be on this potential agenda.

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Calculating the Value of Membership

Now here’s an instant answer to the question “What’s in it for me?!?” Look what the Rocky Mount, NC Chamber of Commerce has on their website..

I can see president/CEO Theresa Pinto’s membership director at Rocky Mount sitting with prospective members, opening her laptop to the ROI Calculator and making more sales, not too mention even better retention calls. Very cool.
Email Therese Pinto for details.

Thank you Theresa Pinto..  tpinto@rockymountchamber.org

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Turn Election Days into Member Benefit Days

Why not a promotion for all member retailers, restaurants and others wanting to opt in and have a template promotion for every election day in your community?
A campaign that promotes great savings for all customers wearing one of these:
It’s mission driven for serving our members, protecting our members and of course, promoting our members not too mention our social responsibility.
Would you? Could you? I’d vote for it if you do.

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Lose the image of sponsorship’s as donations

Show sponsors the money!


Give members seminar scholarships in the name of your sponsors:
With sponsors, you can put a high value price on your educational events such as seminars, summits, symposiums, workshops and conferences.
Example: The ABC Bank sponsors the event below for $2,500
The ABC Bank Business Planning Summit:

It’s new business planning for veteran business owners

$199 per person

Register early!
The first 25 registrations will receive a $100 scholarship from ABC Bank
25 businesses receive a $100 scholarship from the $2,500 sponsorship.
The attending member also pays $99 for a $199 event. The sponsor gets credit for a $100 TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP 25 times. You earn $4975.
You can extend the scholarship offer after the initial 25 registrations are signed up and and  continue to give your sponsor additional credit for each registration.  Bonus credit for bonus income; it’s even better than $1 for $1 sponsorship.
The host organization earns full price income with attendees only paying half price and the sponsor paying the other half.
That is a Win-Win-Win-Win Sponsorship when you add it up. Lose the image of sponsorship’s as donations

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Golden Handcuffs? A Chamber HR Committee

Imagine a Chamber Human Resource Committee

Could this be our golden handcuffs?


Imagine a Chamber Human Resource Committee with a mission “to engage, advocate and educate our members on HR issues.”
Then Imagine a select membership of accredited HR professionals only from your membership list being eligible for the Chamber Human Resource Committee or Project. 
Imagine this committee meeting twice per month with the first meeting for the member HR professionals only to discuss current issues, identify issues for advocacy and then to plan the second meeting which would be a monthly educational forum for your small business members.
Imagine that Monthly Human Resource Forum for chamber members only led by a volunteer panel of HR Committee members to inform and interact on issues facing small business members who do not have (and can’t otherwise afford) professional HR support in their companies.
Imagine calling three or four corporate members to appoint their HR Directors to an exploratory committee for the Chamber to study and make recommendations on this concept to support your small business members who want and need this expertise.  Just imagine.

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3 Rules for Trading or Bartering for Membership

  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. Maybee 

 3 Rules when bartering raises it’s ugly head:


  1. NO. Just say no. It is totally unfair to every member that pays full retail for your membership and trades say you’re only worth wholesale.


  1. NO. Just keep saying no. It’s even more unfair to full-paying members in the classification of the “prospective member” that wants to trade. If you offer a trade, offer it to every full-paying member who provides the same service or product. (See how much easier that “No” is getting?)


  1. MAYBE.* If the product or service is unique from anything else you can get from a full-paying member… maybe; but make them wait. Give it three months to consider and to see if they will still be around. You’ve waited this long, why not a little longer?


*The only trades for membership I even consider are media trades but they are just as ugly. However, if you must trade, get check for check (trade checks) to keep it clean.  


(Obviously this is not my favorite topic.)   


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