Master Your Business Game eBook


90 minute to 2 hour pre-tournament presentation by Patrick McGaughey (depending on tournament format) on how golf lessons improve your business game, and how business lessons improve your golf game.

– Strategic and Tactical Learning: Interactive presentation looking at business and golf from a strategic point of view, providing actionable lessons for a tactical training session.

– Who should attend?  Golfers in business and business professionals who play golf. The training metaphors create memorable lessons participants will actually implement.


  • All business is a practice and how we practice is how we golf.
  • The first strategy in business and in golf is vision.
  • For success in business and golf, talk a better game.
  • In golf it all begins with your grip and the same is true in business
  • The ethical swing is essential for consistency in both games
  • The middle irons; focus on successes, not failures
  • Plus many more great lessons to improve both games

18 golf lessons that improve your business game

18 business lessons that improve your golf game

Plus! Bonus Lessons on the Practice Tee and at The Turn

Turn golf tournaments into business seminars to attract more players!

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