Pat has addressed and enter-trained tens of thousands of people in business audiences across the United States and Canada! Pat is a Certified Professional Facilitator and has facilitated over 250 successful strategic planning retreats! Pat led 3 successful Chambers in Oregon, Washington & Idaho where he teamed with his volunteers in Coeur díAlene to cross the 1000 member barrier to build a $200,000 auction & grow Chamber reserves to over $350,000! Pat's clients include Chambers, airlines, automobile dealers, banking & financial institutions, equipment dealers, agriculture insurance associations & more!

Copyright 2016,, and McGaughey                1-800-545-3610, P.O. Box 1951, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-1951


  • Patrick McGaughey, Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) by the International Association of Facilitators.
  • 15 Years experience facilitating planning sessions to create strategic plans.
  • Planning facilitation for boards of directors, staff retreats, leadership teams, and sales teams.
  • Facilitation of focus groups for community and stakeholder input.
  • Patrick McGaughey CPF, IOM is recognized as "America's Chamber Mentor" by chamber professionals coast to coast helping hundreds create new income and membership success.
  • Pat provides Board and Volunteer leadership training and organization development programs.
  • His experience includes over 200 successful planning sessions.
  • Every presentation brings passion, energy, and support for the local Chamber's mission
  • Faculty member for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization Management since 2000
  • Join Pat's blog read by thousands of chamber professionals
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